Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We have enjoyed our 5 days home. After celebrating a wonderful holiday with the extended family, we returned home to put up our tree, decorate our house and then managed to bake several dozen Christmas cookies and make a gingerbread house! We also went to see Plant 51 yesterday, which the kids really enjoyed. Everyone is great. The kids are getting ready to go to Branson next weekend with my parents. Jeff and I have a big shopping trip planned while they are gone. Thanks for keeping up with us! I promise to do better about posting!

Kylie playing outside on Thanksgiving Day

Nicolas playing outside, mad because his daddy made him standstill to get a picture made

Halloween 2009

What a busy week! We had two class parties, a sock hop, a stick horse rodeo, Kindergarten campfire and hayride, two trunk or treats, and two Halloween parties! We all had a great and the kids really enjoyed the holiday! Everyone is doing great. Kylie was out a few days this week with Bronchitis but recovered just in time for Halloween. Nicolas is finishing up the soccer season this week and Ellis is getting ready to test for his yellow belt in Karate. He will also start Basketball in a couple of weeks. We are staying busy but loving every minute of it! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween Photo

Our Halloween Photo
Carey as the "Tavern Maid", Jeff as the "Mean Old Pirate", Kylie as the "Fairy Princess", Nic as "Optimus Prime" and Ellis as "Snake Eyes"

Trunk or Treat at our church

Nicolas and his class at the campfire

September 27th, 2009

What a weekend! Kylie turned three, Nicolas scored six goals playing in his second soccer game of the season (actually, second game ever) and Ellis had a friend over! OK, first up, Kylie is 3! Can you believe it???? She had a princess party fit for a queen. Everything was pink! We had a great time and Kylie got a lot of neat gifts, including some shopping money for some new fall fashions! She also had a party at her pre-school, which was so sweet! I am including some pictures of her and her friends!
Next up, Nicolas! The first game last week was a total flop so I did not have high hopes for game two but boy was I wrong! It only took those little 4 and 5 year olds one bad game to figure out how to win! It was great! Good ol' dad promised Nic a new toy truck for every goal he scored and boy did we have to pay up! Six goals in one game! Go Nic Go!
Ellis had a friend over to "survive" the weekend of Princess Party and Little Brother Soccer Games! He is getting ready for Pee Wee Basketball through the school. This will be his first year to play at this level so stay tuned for details and pictures!

Pretty Princess Turns 3

Pretty Princess Turns 3

Princess Cake for Princess Kylie

The Ellis men all in attendance! Rance, Jamey, Jimmy and Randy

Party at the Pre-school

Just Call Me Nicolas the "Soccer Man"

Just Call Me Nicolas the "Soccer Man"

"Can you believe it, SIX GOALS"?

September 7, 2009

Wow, I think this is the longest I have ever gone without updating my blog! Sorry! I bet many of you have found me on Facebook and realize I have become a Facebook junkie! If you have not found me and you to are addicted to Facebook, find me and send me a friends request! I promise to do better about updating the blog.

First, Ellis has started third grade, got the teacher he (and I) wanted, is taking Karate lessons and has decided to play pee-wee basketball at Pottsville. I believe practice starts in October. He is doing well in class, has made an A on every assignment and is still waiting to find out if he got in GT or not. He is addicted to the computer and spends much of his free time playing some game called Wizard 101. Don’t worry, I checked out this site and he is not casting spells.

Second, Nicolas has started Kindergarten, loves every minute of it, and is starting soccer this week! We went back to Children’s hospital two weeks ago and although there is still an area of concern (we now have another CT scheduled in February) the doctor released him to play sports! Yeah! Nicolas has Mrs. Barton (who had Ellis three years ago) and we just love her!

Third, Kylie has started a new class at Happy Campers and now has “pre-school” part of the day. She is still in therapy and they come to see her three days a week. She is saying more, “help me” is her new favorite. If she can’t reach it, climb on it or open it then you will hear “help me”. She had another evaluation at Children’s a few weeks ago and they are talking about another surgery at age 4 and then another at 8-10. I am just hoping for another miracle and both of those additional surgeries will be unnecessary! She has a birthday coming up…..turning three! Can you believe it! I will post photos from her party on September 25th.

And finally, Jeff and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a weekend away from the kids!

On my way to Kindergarten orientation!

Ellis off to 3rd grade, Kylie off to pre-school

July 25, 2009

It has taken me this long to "recover" from vacation and sit down to update the blog. Really, looking at my house we have still not "recovered". I realized I have not posted any pictures from the 4th of July. So I will throw in some pictures of one of our favorite holidays!

The kids are great! Kylie has a follow-up appointment at Children's Hospital on August 12th for her hearing and speech. Then she will start back to pre-school on August 17th.

Nicolas will start Kindergarten on August 19th (which by the way he is so excited about). He has a repeat CT scan on August 27th and another appointment with Dr. Raja. Our last appointment we spent 3 1/2 hours in the waiting room so you can imagine my excitement. But....if everything is ok then Nicolas can play soccer this fall, which he really wants to do.

Ellis will start 3rd grade on August 19th (hard to believe). He is going to his last summer camp next week (Basketball camp).

So here are the pictures from the 4th and some additional pictures from Florida! We can not wait to go back!

Nicolas and Aiden on the 4th

The gang, eating a few Pixie sticks (thanks to Uncle Jaymo)

My Little Star

Kylie's first 4th!

More from Florida.....

More from Florida.....

Kylie looks for a dolphin

July 15, 2009

More news from the beach..... Kylie is napping so I thought I would load a few more pictures. We have had two beautiful days in a row so the rest of the family is on the beach. Actually, the kids are with Anna and Meggan making sand dollar art. The condo where we are staying has a kids program every afternoon and evening. Yesterday we made "crazy hats". Today is sand dollar art. Friday they get to make a tie-dye tee-shirt to take home. Last night was movie night by the pool. They showed Kungfu Panda. Friday night is the Bee Movie. We are having a great time.... see everyone when we get home!

Crazy Hat Day!

Crazy Hat Day!

We can not take these two boys anywhere....

Kylie likes to wear her glasses upside down...they pinch her "Asian nose"

Little shopping with the gang

The Great Crab Hunters

July 14, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day! Yes, one year ago today I met Kylie for the first time. I am crying while I am typing. It is bittersweet. She has changed soooooo much in one year! We celebrated our "One Year Anniversary" last night at dinner with our best friends and their kids. We missed the annual Florida trip last year to make one of the most important trips of our lives, the trip around the world to bring home our daughter.... We love you Kylie BreeAnn Bosold!

July 13, 2009 We Love Florida!

We arrived in Florida Saturday afternoon after spending the first night in Alabama. The trip went very well. Kylie never fussed she just got a little restless about 6 hours into the first day of driving. We only stopped twice in about 8 hours so I am thinking she did GREAT!

Our condo is perfect. We have an beach front unit overlooking the water. It is just beautiful! Kylie is loving the sand and water. She does not seem to mind the salt water. The boys love the pools!

We made it through our first storm today. It was very impressive. We had made it to the beach, unpacked, put a ton of sunscreen on all of the kids and then it rained. Nothing impressive, just about 1 hour of steady rain. So then we ate lunch and tried the pools. Storm number two was VERY IMPRESSIVE. We made it to the condo right before it hit. We stood at the door and just watched all of the items being blown out into the water. It flipped our sun canopy and broke one of the legs but we think we can make it work. A family got stuck out on the beach and we watched them climb into a hole and cover with a canopy that had blown into the sand. It was a little tense but everyone is ok.

There is plenty of sun in the forcast for tomorrow so you know where we will be! The high all week in Fort Walton is 87 degrees. Tonight we are going crab hunting! I will post more pictures when we get back home, the Internet service is horrible! But the water is great!

Aiden and Nic checking out the waves

Aiden and Nic checking out the view

June 16, 2009 Quick Up-date

We are home from Children's with Kylie. The surgery went great and Kylie's mood has already improved! She had an acute infection (even after 5 days of Augmentin ES) so her right ear had to be cleaned out for the new tube placement but other then that we are in the clear! She will have her hearing checked August 12th.

Nic had to make the trip to Little Rock with us. The original plan was to let him stay with my parents but at about 4:45pm yesterday he spiked a 102.5 fever. This of course sent me straight into panic mode. But, we had just had an MRI at noon and saw our Pediatrician at 1:15 (who did a full neurological exam) so I just called him back and he assured me that it was an unrelated event and to give him Tylenol and watch him close, which we did. He just made the trip to Little Rock with us and we bought him a toy (since he cried about not getting to stay with my parents). He continues to run fever today but he also has a nice cough and runny nose to go right along with it. We got a call this afternoon from the Neurosurgery center and his recheck with repeat CT scan is next Thursday at 11:15. We should know at that time if surgery is indicated. Please keep Nicolas in your prayers. The little guy has been through enough in the last few days :(

In the meantime, we will be in the house finding stuff to do that does not involve running, jumping, skating, sliding, swinging, hopping, dangling .........................................................

June 14, 2009

I wanted to give everyone an update on Nicolas. If you have not already heard about the last 72 hours here is the story:

Thursday evening Nic walked up behind his best buddy right about the time he was going to hit a golf ball and took a swing to the head. Yes, there were five adults standing right there, we just can't explain how we let that happen. Jeff made it to Nic first, scooped him up and off to the ER we went. Nic had a laceration to the left side of his forehead.

Now neurologically, Nic was fine. We did not have a CT scan at the ER. We decided to have the laceration fixed and just watch him for the next 48 hours.

By Friday evening, the swelling was getting worse, much worse. Jeff called the ER doctor and took him back for an x-ray. It is now 10:00 on Friday night. I stayed with Kylie (who had 102.5 temp from an ear infection and Ellis, who was already sleeping).

The x-ray was suspicious. Now we had to do a CT scan. I went to the ER about the time the results were in and I could see the fracture on the scan..... (and I do not read CT scans).

After a call to the neurosurgery center at Children's hospital we were on our way to Little Rock. Our first stop was the ER. We were seen by resident from the Neuroscience center. He said the injury was an open depressed skull fracture with a 7.5mm depression. He recommended surgery. We were admitted to the floor to await further evaluation. It was now 5:30am Saturday.

About 7:00am we were seen by yet another resident from the Neuroscience center and were told we need surgery and he was scheduled for 9:00am. We signed consent forms, got the IV fluids going and tried to prepare Nic for what sounded like a horrible procedure (I will spare the details).

At 8:55am the nurse came in to the room and said "surgery has been postponed, do not give him anything to eat or drink but the head of Neuroscience says he does not think Nic has to have surgery right now". We did not know what to think. The second doctor who had us sign the consent came back in and said "if it was my kid I would have the surgery and I am still recommending the procedure".

We finally saw the head of Neuroscience about noon, and he sat with us for about 30 minutes and told us it could go either way, but since the injury is now 1 1/2 days old, it would be safe to wait and see what Nic does on his own without surgical intervention. He said if we had came to Children's the night of the injury he would have taken him to surgery but since we have some time since the initial tramua it was ok to "wait and see". He warned us that Nic could develop seizures, further injure himself during the healing time (4-6 weeks to as long as 3 months) and we could have a cosmetic concern once the swelling goes down. And, Nic may still require surgery but we can get a repeat scan in 2 weeks and go from there. The thought of giving Nic the opportunity to heal on his own sounded wonderful to us and we decided to go with that plan.

Now, we are home (arrived Sat. evening) and Nic is doing fine. He is learning to walk without jumping, climbing and running because Jeff and I are watching his every move. He is not wearing flip flops since he seems to trip and fall so much and he can not swim, jump on the trampoline, ride his back, climb or do anything that could pose a risk if he has a seizure. Needless to say, he is not happy with us right now...... And oh, let me tell you what did in the parking lot of the hospital. He walked right into the side mirror of the car parked beside us. Like it wasn't even there. He hit it so hard the car alarm went off. And yes, it was a blow to the left side of his head.....

Nic is going to see his doctor tomorrow so we will have one person looking at the entire case (versus 15 residents). We may get an MRI, which has been suggested, to make sure there is no damage to the lining of the brain. We go back to Children's in 1-2 weeks (they will call us in the next few days with the appointment date and time).

In the meantime, Kylie is having her new tubes but in this Tuesday at Children's hospital. She did not pass her hearing screening last week and she had an ear infection. The good news.... the palate was closed and we do not need any additional repairs at this time!!! Our doctor said in the 30(+) years of palate repair she has never seen a fistula the size of Kylie's close on its own. The power of prayer!

Ellis has no new injuries or surgical repairs to report on. He does have a good storm story to tell. If you where in town this last Friday you know that we had quit a storm. Imagine being outside with no real shelter when that storm blew into town! I watched helplessly as one county after another was placed in a tornado warning while my oldest child was at a day camp with no cell service. Ellis says the wind and lightening was very impressive! There was no damage at the camp but we had two confirmed tornados in our county and several areas of damage! God was watching out for Camp Caudle and all those kiddo's!

I think we are going to move to a padded house. I will send everyone our new address......

June 5, 2009

Thought I would catch everyone up! It has been a while since my last post and soooooo much has happened. First Ellis. He came in 3rd out of 32 of the top spellers in second grade in his first spelling bee! We were so proud of him! Then the next day he did three magic tricks in the 2nd grade talent competition. It was quit a show! He has been out of school for a little over a week and is looking forward to attending several camps in the next few weeks.

Nic turned five on May 18th and we celebrated his birthday on Memorial Day. He had a Hotwheel party and a "dirt cake". Needless to say he is in to anything with 4 wheels. He was released last week by his doctor and he is doing very well! He is still playing tee-ball and has his last game next week. He had his pre-school graduation a couple of weeks ago and is very excited to be going to "big school" in the fall.

Kylie is growing like a weed! She is not attending daycare this summer so she is getting a lot of time with her brothers! We have an appointment this Wednesday with her doctor at Children's Hospital. They will check her palate and decide if she has to have additional repair in July. We know she has to have a new set of tubes put in her ears but that is a quick surgery with minimal recovery.

We are just hanging out and enjoying the summer break! We are going to Florida in July and I can not wait! I hope Kylie enjoys the beach as much as the boys do!

Top 3 in the Spelling Bee!

Top 3 in the Spelling Bee!

Ellis competes in sack races at 2nd grade field day

May 15, 2009 Day 1 post-op

Well, Nicolas sailed through surgery like a true champ! This was his first time to ever have Versed and can you really say enough about this medication???? He went from 100 questions about surgery to laughing at the clock on the wall in about three minutes! Jeff and I had a hard time not laughing. He had slurred speech, drool, confusion. It was great! When the nurses came to wheel him to surgery he didn’t even seem to realize he was going anywhere. He was back in the OR for about 35 minutes. He had very little bleeding so the surgery went very well. For those of you who have been around Nic you can appreciate this detail….. the ENT cleaned out his nose! Oh yes, the yellow/green snot was washed right out!

Next came recovery. Needless to say, you could hear Nic all the way out in the hall. He was “mad at the world”. The first hour was HORRIBLE! Yes, HORRIBLE. He had so many pain meds I am surprised he was breathing, but instead of knocking him out, it made him mean. He fought me for that full hour and then just passed smooth out. That power nap lasted about 1 ½ hours and then he just sat up in the bed, looked around, asked me if he had his tonsils out and wanted to know where his daddy was (waiting room). It was amazing. Then came the apple juice. Then came the vomit…… Just when I thought, “oh, this was nothing”. He had to have Phenergan and more pain meds so that bought us a longer stay at the hospital. We finally left late that afternoon. He continued to vomit on the way home but once we got settled and had some more Phenegran he had another turn around. He ate a frosty, 2 puddings and Mac and Cheese. Yes, I know the rules, I know Mac and Cheese is not recommended after having your tonsils and adenoids out but he was starving and crying, and starving and crying. He stood in the pantry and cried. What is a mother to do? I cooked those noodles until they fell apart, added way to much milk and served them right up. He ate every last bite!

Last night was not our best night. We were both exhausted (Nic slept with me, Jeff slept in the boys room with Ellis). Nic and I slept five hours with zero events. Then he woke up screaming, drooling, crying. The pain meds had worn off and he was hurting. His lips were swollen from surgery and he could not swallow. It took 30 minutes of begging before I got the meds down. After that, I sat my alarm for every 3 ½ hours so I could get more meds down before he was hurting (or awake). It went better after that.

Today, he has had a special balloon and stuffed animal delivery from our church. He was so excited about getting a delivery at the house. After the flower shop called he stood at the door for 30 minutes just waiting for the deliveryman to arrive! He has colored pictures, watched cartoons, played with his balloons. We seem to be on the road to recovery! Thanks for all the prayers and calls!

6:30am, arrival at the hospital, life is good

Ready to go mom!

Kylie says "Hi"

Kylie says "Hi"

Let's Play Tee-Ball

We made it through the first week of tee-ball! Let me just tell you about our first game. Now remember, these kids are 4 years old. Some, like Nic, are turning 5 very soon. Some just turned 4. Monday night, our first game, and game one of two (in a row) was miserable! We had storms over the weekend and a cold front that left us with cloudy, windy (very windy) and cold (we are talking turtleneck, sweat shirt, coat cold) and a tee-ball game, at 7:00pm. I am not sure if the kids or the parents complained more! I know I was miserable. We had runny noses, cold fingers and cold toes! I was never so glad to feel the heat in my life! You could have cooked meat in the car on the way home! But hey, we had a good time and we were so happy to see the sun come out on Tuesday. Our second game (7pm on Tuesday night) was so much better! We played ball in the sunshine, with 65 degree weather and no wind! Nicolas plays first base and has no clue what is going on! The kids tackle each other for the ball and it rarely gets thrown to first base. And in the off event that it is thrown to first base Nicolas is not looking for the ball so it doesn't really matter. What does matter, snacks at the end of the game. Oh boy, do they love the snacks! If you are in need of a good laugh, come watch these boys (and one girl) play ball (or at least play in the dirt)!

The Sidewinders....

The Sidewinders....

Big brother gives some pre-game pointers!

Nicolas and Aiden, before the big game

Happy Easter!

Well, we have had a wonderfully long weekend at the Bosold home. Ellis was out of school for Good Friday so I stayed home with all the kids. Saturday we made a trip to Lowes and bought everything we need to make a garden. What I thought would be a couple of rows of vegetables turned out to be half of the back yard! We planted corn, squash (three kinds) and peas. We have carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, watermelon, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries to plant when it gets a bit warmer. Plus, we planted an apple tree! Ellis has wanted an apple tree for some time now.....

We also had our own little egg hunt since Saturday was such a beautiful day to spend outside! Kylie did great! It took her about two seconds to get the hang of hunting eggs! Although the first attempt to run with her basket resulted in a tumble! Everyone found prize eggs and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the new toys!

Saturday night was "Eggdoration" night! Yes, you read that right! For some reason I bought an "Eggdoration" kit this year, complete with glue, glitter, paint, markers, beads, several shades of dye and lots and lots of stickers! Needless to say, we made a huge mess but the eggs turned out great!

Today was a cold rainy Sunday but it did not stop us from having a fantastic Easter celebration. First, the Easter Bunny made a visit and the kids were delighted to find all sorts of goodies this morning. Ellis got a new game for his Wii, Nic got a Power Ranger Racecar and Kylie got pink princess dress-up shoes, bracelets, and a water magic doodle.

Next stop was church and the service was wonderful! Then it was off to lunch and an indoor egg hunt with the gang! Everyone left with full stomachs and way to much chocolate and candy!

Hope your Easter was wonderful!

Wow, they clean-up nicely!

Wow, they clean-up nicely!

"Eggdoration" Time!

The Bunny left a mess....

Wow...check out all those Easter goodies!

Nicolas was a "Golden Egg" winner!

Kylie gets a prize at the egg hunt!

Kylie with her new BFF Michael

Our "little" garden......

lots of help from Nicolas...

April 1, 2009

Wow, the last time I updated the blog we were having an ice storm! Where have I been? Let me give you the quick update.

First, everyone is doing great! Ellis had all A's again this 9 weeks and got the principal award. I just filled out paperwork for the Gifted and Talented program for the fall. I think he will love it!

Nicolas is loving preschool and is growing like a weed. He started tee-ball practice and should have his first game next week. He is doing well with his allergy injections and the weekly fit is not near as severe as it was. He still has the same question every day I pick him up at Happy Campers "Mom, is today allergy shot day"?

Kylie has started speech and occupational therapy. She qualified for an early intervention progam and
they come to Happy Campers and take her out of class for some one-on-one therapy. She is already using more sign language and starting to make some new sounds! She also had her first hair cut a couple of weeks ago. She did great. We gave her some candy and she was so interested in those Smarties that she forgot Michelle was cutting her hair!

Over Spring Break the gang went to camping with Mammy and Bubba. Jeff and I were childless for 6 days! I repainted my house while they were gone. Then last Thursday we made a trip to Memphis with the Grant Family. We had a blast. We spent one day at the Zoo with 75 degree weather. The next day we went to the Pink Palace (with 50 degree weather). The hotel had an indoor pool, which we visited multiple times so the kids had a blast. Nicolas said "Mom, this is the best day of my life".

The best part of our trip........We met up with another China family!!!!! Yes, we got to see Lucy! And man, has she grown! She has hair!!!! It makes me miss all the other wonderful families we met on our 'trip of a life time'.

Well, you are caught up!
Enjoy the pictures!

First Haircut...

First Haircut...

Maybe a little more off the back??


Hiarcut = Candy...

Spring Break 2009

Spring Break 2009

Did someone say BBQ???

Kylie loved the water!

The "Scoop on Poop"

The "Scoop on Poop"

Looking at those animals made me sleepy!

Trapped: Day 2

Ok, I like winter, really I do. But come on! The walls are closing in, the kids are out-of-control, and I want to go to work! I should not complain, we have electricity. And according to the news there are 106,000 people in Arkansas without electricity again today. Russellville really did not get the worst of this ice storm. It rained here all day yesterday with temperature hovering at 35 degrees. If it had been any colder we would be in trouble right now.

Ellis took a few thousand prictures yesterday so I will share a few. I braved the 25 degree weather today and took a couple of shots of our poor trees!

If you have not heard, Nicolas tested positive for Mono on Monday. The plague continues.............

Say cheese....

I have Mono!!!!

Upwards Basketball

Thought I would share some photos my mom took at one of Ellis' games. He is doing really good. He gets a $1.00 for every basket he makes and after 3 games he is up to $12.00

For those of you asking "why pay for a basket"? Well, last year he walked up and down the court, had no idea who had the ball and could really care less. This year.....he will knock you down to get that ball. He takes a shot every chance he gets and let me assure you, he knows who has the ball at all times!

How many are really paying attention?

Defense!! Defense!!

Crazy Pictures!

The boys were watching me update the Blog and they wanted to share a few of their favorites! Enjoy!!!

Basketball Season!!!

Ellis finally got to join his team! His bought with Mono kept him out of practice the entire month of December. That did not stop him from scoring 5 baskets in his first game!!! Go Ellis Go! Go Ellis Go!! Kylie had a good time mocking the cheerleaders! And Nic is ready to play! Only one more year little man!
By the way, Ellis was one of three students at Pottsville Elementary to get the Principals award at the Honor Role Celebration today! He has all A's again but this 9 weeks he actually improved his reading grade from a 97 to a 99% and kept all of his other grades at 97% or higher! He is our little Einstein!

They call him Slim Shady!

They played better than the Hogs against Mississippi State!

Ellis Finally gets that 8th Birthday Party

OK, you remember the Mono story! Had to cancel the big birthday celebration with his friends. Well, we finally got to go to Playworld and I do not think Ellis could have been any happier! We had a great time. Nicolas finally braved the big maze and slides. Kylie had a blast in the kiddie area. And yes, I took 5 kids to playworld by myself. I was exhausted but hey, you do what you have to do. Ellis deserved his big day!

The gang takes a break to eat

Ellis won a lot of tickets

Hello 2009....Goodbye 2008

We celebrated New Year's at the Grant house. Picture lots of children (around 10) full of energy. Then picture a bunch of parents playing Rock Band on the Wii. Now you know all about our New Year's Eve celebration. Acutally, it was great! We had fireworks at mid-night and yes, Kylie was still awake. She made it to bed at 12:30am. I couldn't believe it. I even took a picture of her on the car ride home.

New Year's day we went to my parents house to celebrate with friends and family. We had the Ellis family traditional feast (steak) and it was so good!

Nicolas checks out the fireworks

Proof! I was up at 12:00am!!

Check out this group of party people

Christmas Memories

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I think everyone got what they wanted from Santa and then some! Ellis got his ATV-360 (spy tank), Nic got his parking garage with yet more hotwheels and Kylie got her kitchen. It did not take Kylie long to figure out there were gifts inside those pretty packages. We had a great time at Mammy and Bubba's house and the kids got some great presents (as well as the adults). As we prepare for 2009 we have to look back at 2008 and all we have to be thankful for! Our family is complete. We had a trip of a lifetime to bring Kylie home to her family. Happy New Year to all our friends and family!

The Christmas Princess

Nic's first look at his parking garage

Look... My ATV-360

A little help from brother

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ellis turns 8!

Well, it has been a wild and crazy time at the Bosold house! Ellis missed school all week and was diagnosed with Mono. Do not ask me how he got Mono at the age of 8. There were several cases at the Elementary school. So we spent all weekend doing all the homework and in class work he missed. Let me tell you, that adds up quick and it just further confirms that fact that I could never home school my children.

We had his party (Pokemon) on his birthday despite the illness. I could not cancel such an important event. Everyone was warned and we cut out the part of the birthday cake he wanted so he could blow out candles without spitting all over everyones cake. It went well.

Kylie had to be picked up early from daycare today. She was running a high fever. We made a trip to the clinic and she has a severe sinus infection, again. She is already on an antibiotic. So now she is on a stronger antibiotic that I am sure will tear her little gut up.

Nic is well. He had allergy testing last Thursday and it confirms what we have been saying all along...... the boy is allergic to everything. His strongest reaction was to cat. Then every weed and tree in Arkansas. Next was mold and dust mites (he surely needs to live in a bubble) and finally dogs. We get to keep butterball but if he plays with her he has to take a shower and change clothes. He will be starting injections in the next couple of weeks. He is going to really love that!

We had our family picture made this past Saturday. I needed to be medicated. How in the world do you get three kids to look at the camera? It is almost impossible. Kylie refused to have her picture made by herself so that will have to wait. I get to see the pictures tomorrow so we will see how it all turns out. Next we made a trip to the mall and saw Santa. Kylie was having none of that either. She screamed and had to be removed before the picture. So Ellis decided to hold her and sit next to Santa with Nic on Ho Ho's lap. She really didn't care for that much either so I now have a picture of her screaming.

Happy Birthday Ellis

Sunset at the Bosold house

Supper anyone???

December 1, 2008

Can you believe November has come and gone? We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed our time at home with the kids. We spent Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle and then made our way to Mammy and Bubba's house. Kylie loved the menu. I think her favorite was sweet potato casserole and of couse Mammy's roles. Then the best part of the Thanksgiving holiday........Arkansas beating LSU 31-30!!!! Oh yes, we called the hogs!!! Then it was time to decorate the tree. I think I have said "NO NO Kylie" about a thousand times. She really wants to take those decorations off the tree!

Woo Pig!

Woo Pig!

No No Kylie!

Lots of help decorating the tree!!

November 13th: Goodbye No-No's!!!!

Kylie has said goodbye to the No-No's! She is one happy little girl! And I am one happy Mom! Monday will be her first day back at daycare. I think she will do just fine. She really likes playing with all the others kids.

Happy without my No-No's!

Happy without my No-No's!

Ellis in action on the soccer field!

November 4th: Zoo Trip

This past Sunday was such a beautiful day that we decided to make yet another trip to the Little Rock Zoo. I have to say, this was the best Zoo trip we have ever had! Every animal was out and very active. We saw animals that we have never even seen before and we are at that Zoo all the time. Ellis decided to document our trip by taking a picture of every single animal. I think he needs a camera for Christmas. The boy loves to take pictures.

Look, we can be nice to each other!

Kylie and her "no no's"

Kylie loves the elephant

The view is so much better from up here!

Post Zoo nap time!

Race Car Drivers, China Dolls and Pirates... Oh My!!

Check out our Halloween costumes! We had a great time dressing up and trick-or-treating!

Check out those red shoes!!



Happy Birthday Kylie

Kylie had a Razorback party for her second birthday! Arkansas played Texas (and lost, .....bad) but her birthday was a big hit! Kylie LOVES cake and icecream (as you can tell fromt the pictures).
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